[Photo] Desiccated Coconut Fine and Medium Grade

Desiccated coconut fine and medium grade

Desiccated coconut has a sweet flavor, with clear white color and the taste of fresh coconut kernel. It’s a perfect irreplaceable ingredients for many kind of daily cuisines.

For detailed desiccated product specification (fine and medium grade) please visit our product page.

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[Video] Desiccated Coconut Production

Our Desiccated Coconut production chain.

For inquiry on terms of payment or if you need more information please contact us through info@desiccatedcoconut.net.

To call us directly please see the details at our Contact us page.

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Indonesian Desiccated Coconut Suppliers Reaching Out To Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe according to CIA World Factbook...

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For so long the Eastern Europe countries had to pay much higher prices for the spices and food materials they needed, most of them were stuffs from Asian region. The main problem was they did not have a direct access to the suppliers.

On the other hand, the suppliers from the Asian countries have long been abused by third parties who act as middleman between these countries and Eastern Europe countries. The prices was always taken down as low as possible, while the third parties enjoyed very high profit margin as they thrown away the products with unbelievable price label to the hungry market at Eastern Europe.

This situation is now about to end as Asian and Eastern Europe countries began to realize the situation. Indonesian Desiccated Coconut Suppliers are now joining their power to directly reach the Eastern Europe market. By this step they want to give the Eastern Europe a very competitive advantage for both parties.

The Eastern Europe importers will enjoy the jaw dropping prices offer for desiccated coconut (medium and fine grade). The potential is huge. Indonesia is a big country with more than 200 million population, there are tons of desiccated coconut suppliers ready to give their best service to the Eastern Europe countries.

Matius Nemba, the Director of PT Wahana Dunia Baru – one of the leading desiccated coconut supplier from Indonesia, said that this cooperation will give ultimate advantages both for Eastern Europe and Indonesian suppliers as well. The Eastern Europe can increase their profit margin while cutting prices. He said further that this will also benefit the people of Eastern Europe as they now have the possibility to enjoy lower prices for daily products.

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